Insurance For Adverse Weather

Weather insurance is a specific kind of event cancellation insurance that only covers an event from cancellation caused by adverse weather.  Wind, rain and lightening are common triggers for weather coverage.

Hosting an outdoor event that requires extra costs to move indoor last minute is a common weather insurance situation. Also, many sporting events or outdoor concerts buy weather insurance to reimbursement themselves for costs when tickets must be refunded.

The amount of rain, speed of wind, and amount of coverage can all be adjusted to meet your exact needs.  Policies are also available without a specific amount of rain or wind needing to fall – rather they pay simply because you had to cancel the event due to the weather.

When coverage was needed most…

The county fair chairperson hung up after a great phone call.  They had just received word that a headlining performer agreed to play at their fair.  This was sure to raise their attendance and bring in additional revenue for that year.  Having so much to riding on this event, the committee for the fair decided to purchase insurance in case the weather precluded the event from happening.  Since the fair was being held in the summer, they viewed rain and high winds to be the biggest threat to the show.  They wanted to make sure that the $120,000 they spent booking the performer would be paid to them by the insurance company if the event was cancelled due to heavy rain or high winds.  The committee contacted in order to solicited bids for their event.  They received back four quotes that met their requirements.  After purchasing the insurance, the committee confidently approached the week of the fair knowing that their funds would not be depleted if adverse weather blew their way.

Policy Highlights…

  • Variety of events covered including: festivals, concerts, weddings, golf outtings, parties, sporting events, commercial ventures and more
  • Coverage available for rain, lightening, hail, snow, wind, temperature
  • Protects against lost revenue
  • Recovery of pre-event expenses

To quote….

In order to obtain a quote, visit our online quotation portal.  Please note that only rain coverage is available online.  To insurance against additional perils, please contact us today.