Insurance For Musical Instruments

We provide quotations for comprehensive coverage of musical instruments.

Unlike some policies that provide reimbursement only for the  provides physical damage of your instrument, our program will also cover any lost income due to the unavailability of your instrument.  The musical instrument insurance you are able to obtain through is unrivaled in the industry today.

The coverage also extends to borrowed, newly acquired or replacement instruments. The policy is flexible enough to cover a single instrument, the instrumentation for a band, or even an entire symphony.

When coverage is needed most…

A garage band was just becoming popular in their city when a booking agent got them a five gig tour in three cities to boost their name recognition.  Excited about this opportunity, the band readily agreed and began making preparations.  On their way to the third city, the instrument truck was rear-ended and three instruments were damaged.  The band was far from their home town, and they were scheduled to play in a few hours.  Thankfully, they purchased a musical instrument policy before the trip and the insurance provided them the funds necessary to rent instruments for the night and replace them later that week. The tour helped launch the band to the next level and now they always carry instrument insurance.

Policy highlights…

  • Physical damage protection
  • Lost income coverage
  • Flexible coverage
  • Single instrument policies or entire band coverage available
  • Covers borrowed instruments
  • Replacement expenses
  • Inflation guard